Factors motivating candidates to move in Accountancy

Factors Motivating Candidates to Move

There are many factors taken into consideration when making the decision to change job roles or even take a different career path.  Over the past three years, we have seen candidates take much more notice of considerations other than salary.

The main areas candidates are delving into when making those career changing decisions include the option for career advancement opportunities.  Many people are motivated to switch jobs if they feel that their current job doesn’t offer enough opportunities for growth and advancement.

Companies that offer learning and development see a higher number of applications as candidates see the potential for growth within the organisation and already know their next career move.

Since the pandemic, many people have realised the importance of a work-life balance and have become more productive in their work week as a result.  People are not tired from commuting to the office 5 days a week and don’t mind putting in an extra bit of time from the home office as a result.

The location of the job can also be a factor in job change decisions for a number of reasons.  If a candidates personal circumstances have changed, they may not be able to travel a distance and may consider a move closer to home, or even in some instances abroad.

Joanne Gordon, Associate Director, Accountancy & Finance said “At Hunter Savage, we are seeing an increased number of candidates now only looking to work for organisations that offer flexible and hybrid working arrangements, remote working options and other work-life balance benefits.  Candidates are now being selective in choosing roles to apply to and also looking deeper into the company and what they offer outside of an attractive salary”.

Another key factor for moving roles is the company culture. Many candidates will ask what the environment is like, what a company’s staff turnover is and why their role is being filled.  A huge emphasis is now being directed to company culture so that  companies can both attract and retain talent and ensure employees feel that they are part of a positive and supportive working environment.

Whilst salary is still very important, candidates are also thinking about their future, and benefits including attractive pension, enhanced annual leave, enhanced maternity/paternity leave and working hours all play a considerable negotiation with people when they receive that initial job offer.

It is important to note that these factors may vary depending on the specific job market and industry sector, and can also be influenced by the current economic climate

Joanne continued, “At Hunter Savage, we don’t just offer recruitment services, we are specialists in our areas of expertise and offer a much more tailored approach when it comes to working with our clients and candidates. 

We help clients to understand the market in each of our sectors and work closely with their teams to ensure we place the right fit for the role.”

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