How to land that in-house counsel role

Are you thinking about a move in-house? We have some key tips for preparing for the inhouse interview.

In-house roles can be fairly competitive and so its important as a candidate to stand out from the crowd. Whilst there are some key similarities with private practice interviews there are also some clear differences and it is important to be aware and prepare for this

We have included some key tips below;

·        The Company – “sounds obvious” however it is so important to really understand the company inside out. As an in-house legal counsel your role is to immerse yourself in a business. As a minimum I would thoroughly research the website however I would recommend a step further and check out their accounts/annual report, social media sites, senior management team.

·        Check out your interviewers – I would advise this for private practice or in-house interviews, check their LinkedIn profiles, articles written etc. This can assist with understanding their interests and viewpoints. You may also discover a shared work history/interest which can be good avenues for conversation

·        If you are in private practice – why in-house? It is important to demonstrate that you have a clear career plan and that your core skills align with a commercial in-house role

·        Commercial awareness – the ability to know when to be commercial and when to say no to internal stakeholders is a key skill required in any in-house function. I would think of a number of examples of where you have demonstrated both skills to discuss with the interviewers

·        Stakeholder engagement – a key skill which can often determine success in an in-house role. I would prepare specific examples of when you had to use influencing skills to get someone to buy into advice/project.

·        What would your first 30 to 90 days in the role look like? We often see this question it is good to consider when moving into any in-house role. Key points to consider would be getting to know stakeholders, review of current legal function, gap analysis etc.

·        Finally, questions! A few very well thought out questions can leave the interviewers with a great impression and can be a good way to show both your research and general commercial awareness. My advice would be to focus on company growth and strategy, current status of the inhouse legal function, key challenges within the role.

 Considering a move inhouse?

At Hunter Savage are currently working on a number of exciting inhouse legal roles and our consultants are all industry experts who can advise on the market and also provide more general career and interview advice.

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