We recently conducted a survey on flexible working to gather insights into how the pandemic has reshaped our work environments; and we are delighted to launch our Flexible Work Practices Report with insights from this survey.


As we are all aware, the landscape of work has been permanently altered by the challenges and opportunities brought on by the pandemic. Remote working, hybrid models, and flexible work arrangements have become key facets of this evolution. Yet the conversation on how these changes impact productivity, work-life balance, and company culture is still ongoing.


Our Q4 Flexible Work Practices Report is an incisive look into the transforming landscapes of professional working models.  Dive into the evolution of work patterns, observe the preferences spanning various career stages, and explore the perceived impact of these shifts on productivity, team connection, and commitment within multiple sectors.


Snippets of Insight

  • A staggering 85.7% of professionals have embraced a hybrid working model, signifying a substantial shift towards adaptable work structures.
  • A noteworthy 75% validate that dedication in remote workers is perceived to be on par with their in-office counterparts, busting myths about the effectiveness of remote work.

Data & Perspectives that Matter

  • How flexible work choices vary across different career levels.
  • Professional perspectives on productivity within flexible work environments.
  • Insights into the connection with company ethos amidst decentralised work models.

Future Work Insights: What’s in Store

Explore how professionals perceive the sustainability and prevalence of flexible work practices and the perceptible shifts in post-Covid work models.

To view the full version, please download the report via the link below:


Download The Full Report



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