The Great Resignation, or Great Reshuffle, has sparked a major societal shift in personal and professional priorities. Employees now expect their employers to offer better opportunities for learning and development. According to new research by e-learning solutions platform imc, 92% of employees consider training a deal breaker when choosing between two potential employers. 

The shift towards the "Great Upskill" is a natural evolution of the Great Resignation. People want greater fulfillment and engagement with their working lives, and they expect their employers to help them achieve this through upskilling, training, personal and professional development, and creating engaging career paths for the short, medium, and long term.

However, imc's research also found that 48% of employees have not received training in the last 12 months. This lack of personal or professional development opportunities has resulted in 52% of employees leaving their roles. Creating pathways early for talent is crucial to retaining talent and reducing overall staff turnover.

The importance of offering frequent L&D opportunities cannot be overstated. An impressive 86% of employees would remain with their current employer for longer if they were offered such opportunities. This trend isn't only affecting junior team members; among managers, 22% say they do not receive enough training in their current role. 

In fact, 78% of managers would remain with their current employer for longer if they were offered frequent L&D opportunities. A clear development pathway is therefore key to nurturing senior team members - an essential step amid recent talent scarcity concerns.

While economic conditions may influence some businesses to tighten their belts, the rise in demand for well-rounded and tailored training opportunities across all levels does not come at the expense of business interests. In fact, 81% of managers report a positive impact from training on their business bottom line.

In conclusion, offering frequent L&D opportunities can make all the difference in retaining top talent and nurturing senior team members. As the trend towards the Great Upskill continues, it's essential for businesses to adapt and offer employees the training and development opportunities they desire.


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